Needed to show off my work

How to display your work today

As a photographer I obviously need to showcase my work. Now, back in the day, this would have
been accomplished through the use of galleries and brochures, leaflets, portfolio files and the like.
Nowadays, we have the wonderful world wide web to showcase our work.
So, I needed a website. Where to go and where do I start? Well, one option was to build my own
website, but, I am a photographer, not a web designer. So, where do I find one? Firstly, I asked
other photographers and friends who they use, to which I now had a nice big list of companies and
freelancers to use. Some good, some not so good. Eventually, I came across a great local web
design company a friend owns.
Now lets just cut a long story short here, you don’t need to know the ins and outs. But what it
comes down to, is this; they discussed what my needs where as a photographer. Then I explained
that I needed my website solely to showcase my work. That was just the start, they then explained
to me how I could increase my custom. It begins with a good website, then they make my website
and rank it at the top of Google so that when people search for “photographer” in my local area, my
business would show up. They said this was called SEO, or search engine something (I can’t
remember what it was!)


Then, they went a bit further, really helpful guys. They discussed promoting my work via social
media, or as they say social media marketing. So they set up my Facebook, Twitter and
So, I now promote my work online and also via social media. Is this worth it? It sure is! I would
highly recommend that you seriously consider getting your work online. If anything, it’s great fun.