Needed A Domestic Cleaner

Domestic Cleaning In Wirral

Im like you, or maybe not but I do not have time to do my on cleaning.  Shocking I know and mothers all over the land will be mortified.  But the truth is today in this modern world everything and I mean everything gets in the way of cleaning to name just a few things.

No I do do the cleaning, don’t worry if you ever came to my house you do not need to wipe your feet on the way out!  I am clean and tidy but just have to do the cleaning as and when I find time usually late nights.  So I needed help.  So after a quick search I learnt that Domestic Cleaners are not just for the rich.

Whats the cost of a cleaner?

A domestic cleaner in Wirral will cost around £12 per hour.  Bargain I thought couple of hours a week and all the house work is

Woman cleaning kitchen counter
Woman cleaning kitchen counter

done what more could I ask for.  So I begin my search for a top domestic cleaner.

No there are lots of results as you can imagine.  Some are companies and some are individuals.  I decided to go with an individual.  I felt more of a personal connection to them rather than a large company just sending out anyone.  So after an initial meeting we agreed on the price and day of the clean.  Really simple and the domestic cleaner I used was so helpful.

What cleaning does a domestic cleaner do?

So what gets cleaned?  Well obviously the hoovering dusting and general tidying up is done.  Its once a week so a real big clean is done.  But they also offer extra services like an Ironing service or window cleaning.  Hiring a domestic cleaner is a really good decision for me and if your struggling with time then I would defiantly recommend hiring a cleaner.

So if you need the hoovering dusting washing ironing dishes done then loo out for a trustworthy hardworking domestic cleaner.  It will be one of them moments when you think I should of done this sooner. If your looking for a domestic cleaner in Hoylake I can recommend one.  Let me know.