How to take a good picture

Photography is considered to be both an art and a passion.  Nowadays, we see so many people turning their passion into a profession. And that must get you wondering as to how they are taking such good pictures. Well, now there is nothing more to worry about. In this article, I will tell you about some great tips. As a result, you never will have to take a bad picture again.


How to take a good picture

  • Look your subject in the eye

Making direct eye contact can be as engaging in a photo as it is in real life. Like when I see a window cleaner in Stockport he looks at the window closely. By looking directly into your subject’s eyes, you will be able to comprehend their current emotion. And this will be reflected in the photographs as well.

  • Use a plain background

Plain backgrounds help to show off the subject you are photographing. This is because in this way you are blocking out all the unnecessary objects in the background while making the subject your main focus.

  • Use flash outdoors

By using the flash option, you will eliminating the sun’s direct rays and brightening up the face. It will also make them stand out.

  • Move in close

Close in on your subject so that more details can be captured. However, make sure to not come too close as the pictures may come out blurry.

  • Move it from the middle

The center stage is a great place from where pictures can be taken. In this way, only the subject becomes the main focus of your captures.

  • Lock the focus

You can lock the focus of your subject in three easy steps. Firstly, center the subject and hold down on the shutter button halfway down. Then, reposition your camera so that your subject is away from the center. Lastly, finish by pressing down the shutter button all the way down.

  • Take some vertical pictures

Now what I like to do is take everyday pictures.  For instance I saw the local window cleaner and thought the way he works on his ladder makes a great picture! window cleaning in Stockport

Catching normal everyday shots are a great way to learn how to take a perfect picture even cleaning windows!

As an artist pictures are important for my work as a landscape artist  need to capture the light and the atmosphere.  With the perfect picture I can then create a piece of art the displays everything that I’ve seen.




Next time, try to make a conscious effort to take some pictures in vertical angles as well. This helps the photographs to come out much better. As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to try different settings when taking perfect photos.  Just try it next time your out and about take your camera with you and just shoot anything you see. Then share them online and see what people think.