Getting the best cycling gear

What to look for when buying cycling products

If your looking for a great place to buy your cycling gear there are many cycling shops and websites that you can visit. But before buying the best thing to normally do is a bit of research on your bike product you want to buy would you agree.  So if your looking for a website that reviews cycling products where would you go.

If you search cycle shoes review for example there are many websites in the results that you will ultimately see.  You want to look for real person reviews though.  Some sites that you will find will be the product owners or could actually just be someone reviewing the product for money.

What does a real person say

I like to see what the real person says.  Someone who has bought the product has used it and knows what they are talking about. Now you could say just go onto Amazon or the cycle site where they are selling them.  I would say how do you know if they are even real.  Cycling gear is not cheap i’m sure you will agree.  So when making a decision to buy you really want to make the best decision.


So a way you can do this is looking at a cycling review site.  Basically this is a website that the reviewer has owned that product and reviews cycling products.  Not just some shameless product review.   The review you read wants details of what the product was like did it last is it worth buying basically.

Cycling shoes

For example, cycling shoes.  There is many many cycling shoes on the market and its hard to know which shoes to buy.  Theres different types clipless spd all sorts.  So is it not better to receive advice from someone who owns a pair?  I would always say yes. Don’t be caught out and then realise you don’t like what your wearing.  Cycling can be a tough sport and theres probably nothing worse than realising you’ve got the wrong clothing on.  Believe me in the middle of a tough ride in the ride or a climb this isn’t the time to find this out.

So in conclusion, cycling is a great sport.  Its relaxing in its on way its fun and it gets you fit with the correct diet. Cycling clothes shoes tyres jackets and other products are not that cheap. So before purchasing make an informed choice by reading reviews first on the product your buying and you wont go wrong.